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Bluetooth: Viking and Technology

Comic book about how Bluetooth got it's name!


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Comic book about the story of how Bluetooth got it's name.

Cover from the Comic book about the story of Bluetooth.
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We were commissioned by the National Museum to create a comic book on the iconic story of how Bluetooth got it's name.

Step into the vibrant worlds of ancient Denmark and 1990s Toronto with "Bluetooth: Viking and Technology". Journey alongside Harald Bluetooth, the Viking king of Jelling, as he strives to unify Denmark and Norway amidst political intrigue and familial challenges.

Simultaneously, in the bustling bars of Toronto, tech pioneers grapple with uniting global tech giants under one revolutionary wireless technology. As they face corporate hurdles and naming dilemmas, their paths mirror the Viking king's own challenges. Dive deep into this enthralling tale that seamlessly bridges a millennium, revealing the captivating origins of the name that now connects our modern world. A tale of unity, ambition, and legacy awaits!

Comic book
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